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March 31st, 2010

Pure dubstep death rave filth from Vyron. Wondering what my orgasm sounds like? Something like the drop at 54 seconds. ♫ BloodFire – Psycho Gorilla (Vyron Remix) daftwho? HIGHLY recommends

Bass Head

March 31st, 2010

Bassnectar just keeps killing it with gravity ignoring bass and funkin’ hip-hop inspired melodies. ♫ Bassnectar – Bass Head daftwho? HIGHLY recommends This remix from Tek-One is amazing to say the least. He’s created a dubstep track made for the arena, by combining dub riffs, trance vocals and trance synths. It’s just a masterpiece waiting […]


March 30th, 2010


March 29th, 2010

UK duo The Squatters have taken a new route on there search for a bangin’ style. This route has been taken by many and these guys have had a good shot at it. I call this, being an afrojackoff. ♫ The Squatters – On Fire daftwho? HIGHLY recommends BONUS: ♫ Blende – Fluttery Will Get […]

Just Weird

March 29th, 2010

Lately I’ve really been getting into progressive house. You may ask why? Well, I’m only getting into the really weird and messed up kind. These two tracks perfectly illustrate what I mean. Imagine it’s 4am, you’ve digested something that could of been made in a kitchen sink, you’re at a dark club, and this first […]

Thanks For Playing

March 27th, 2010

I’m one post away from 200 posts on the new blog, I’ve posted a bit over 1200 tracks for your rascals to download over the past year, and there’s no chance I’m stopping. It’s been some hard yards, constantly downloading new songs, listening to so many noises they all start blurring into one, and keeping […]


March 27th, 2010

Two ear fucking dubstep tracks. ♫ Physical – Let It Go daftwho? recommends ♫ DZ – A.W.O.L And one awesome bassline gem. ♫ HADOUKEN! – Crank It Up (Noisia Remix) daftwho? HIGHLY recommends


March 27th, 2010

Looks like Dada Life came along and decided Satisfaction needed a 2010 remastering. Not sure why it’s a whole new track, as they could of just made it a remix of the original. In any case, download this track, because it just adds some spice to the amazing original. ♫ Dada Life – Just Bleep […]

5am Pill Heads

March 27th, 2010

Got some progressive acid house for you 5am pill heads, from UK lad Tom Flynn. Nothing goes down better then some melodic beats to reel you in when you’ve lost your mind. ♫ Tom Flynn – Twisty daftwho? HIGHLY recommends

So Tell Me

March 26th, 2010

Recently got introduced to Audionite from Berlin, who’s been churning out some awesome productions and remixes in the past couple of months. I couldn’t go past this track, a true filthy electro gem. Pump this through some loud, high quality speakers, and let your brains melt. ♫ Audionite – Tell Me daftwho? HIGHLY recommends BONUS: […]

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