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October 25th, 2009

Well can’t go past some good dubstep. There seems to be more and more everyday. Luckily that means there is more and more good tracks. And lots of shit ones. But I’m not here to give ya the shit ones am I! So anywaaaaaaays, Dub Crookz are a duo from the UK (suprise, suprise) who caught my eye with this little number, which uses a vocal sample from a chinese song and then drops into a filthy dub melody.

Dub Crookz – Monkey VIP daftwho? recommends

And amazingly, here is a dub artist NOT from the UK, but from Canada. I posted a track from Downlink a while ago, and if you remember it was some motorised dub to make your ears bleed. Well, here is some more.

Downlink – Android daftwho? recommends

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