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Melbounre boys Trumpdisco have finally released their first EP, which you can buy on Beatport. It really is massive and deserves your attention. The boys were nice enough to give us some words.

So how are you guys going?

Actually not too bad.

How has the EP release tour been so far?

Yeah it’s been crazy! We’ve been getting great responses so far. It still surprises us when people respond to our music in general… let alone in another city and state. It’s great to see the rest of our country as well.

What can fans expect from your new EP? Will they see any dubstep?

Nah, no dubstep on this EP. We’ve tried to take the hard sound as far as we can, while also toying with some more experimental melody based stuff as well. All in all, it’s been a long time coming and we think it’s been worth the wait… hopefully.

Electro and house producers all around the world are beginning to experiment in dubstep, but there is no doubt you guys have experimented in dubstep production as well as playing it live earlier then most in Australia. Do you see this rise in dubstep going a little more commercial in Australia in the next year, as heavy electro has?

The first dubstep track we made was the “Hello” remix for AC Slater, and since then we’ve been dabbling with halftime (dubstep feel) within straight electro. Recently we’ve done the Rammstein and Shunda K remixes which are both dubish tracks. We prefer blending genres rather adhering to the confines of established musical styles… haha.

The electro scene is primarily fad based, so the dubstep sound becoming more commercialised is pretty much inevitable. Though, there will always be an underground scene for everything that becomes commercial.

You went on a tour in Asia earlier this year. Any European tour in sight?

Yeah, we’ve got some shows lined for early next year.

Anything you want to tell your fans from around the world?

Everything is actually gonna be alright.

Thanks to Trumpdisco for having a word with me, and now here’s a remix from them I meant to post a while ago and just haven’t!

Haezer – WTFIH (Trumpdisco Remix) daftwho? recommends


Haezer – WTFIH (Geht’s Noch? Remix)

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