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Mumbai Gold

November 27th, 2010

Massively hyped tech-house track from Mumbai Science. And rightly so.

Mumbai Science – Gold daftwho? recommends


Noize Generation feat. Circe – Get The Fuck Up (Alternate Version)

Altered Beats vs Blorgio – No Love

2 Responses to “Mumbai Gold”

  1. rockfan

    hey all ya electronic music lovers Sundown is Back on the 16th Jan with Tristan & flipflop // 23rd Jan DIXON (innervision / Berlin). Best Wishes for the New Year!!. Looking forward to seeing you at the eventful Sundowns at Aurus!! Be there!!

  2. rockfan

    The Indo- westernized culture of parties had been adopted long long ago! Parties are held across the world, small and big, some private, some public, some just a gathering and some as events. But here at Aurus, the parties are not only big but are the best planned to keep up with crowd coming in.

    This classy hidden away resto-bar opens out onto a deck right on Juhu beach. Aurus is high on romance with seductive candles and mood lighting. Should you need further encouragement to get in the right mood, there’s even a canopied four poster bed to drink and dine on. Inside, crystal chandeliers complete the picture. The world cuisine here is also worth trying. Friday night is party night, with top national and international DJs playing.

    The Sunday Sundown is an event which welcomes international artists to portray their talent and brings in the casual moods of its electronic-music lovers.

    Come, indulge like never before with Aurus, home by the sea.

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