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Venom Remix Comp 1

February 17th, 2011

Well the remix comp for Redial‘s Venom has been going on for a bit now and there have been some interesting entries so far. I’m very hesitant with this though, because the original is so damn good that it’s so hard to match! The first one by V&Z has a very epic buildup and a big rave inducing drop!

Redial – Venom (V&Z Remix) by V&Z

Redial – Venom ( Black Is Not A Colour Remix ) by Black Is Not A Colour

Redial Venom(Vegamoore Remix) by VEGAMOORE

Redial-Venom (Buster remix) by buster music

3 Responses to “Venom Remix Comp 1”

  1. ptch

    who has stole the other one job you or pushvolume.

  2. Zayler

    wow, never seen that site before…thanks for the heads up. interesting.

  3. HellzYo

    wher do u grab the stems

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