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Trumpdisco’s Crimes

March 22nd, 2011

Here first, exclusively for DAFTWHO?, is the much praised and sought after remix of Teenage Crimes by Melbourne producers Trumpdisco. These monsters have been producing some of the best and hardest electro trash in the scene, as well as some dubstep and grime here and there, but this takes it all to a new level.

They know you wanted it, so now they’re giving it to you for free!

Adrian Lux – Teenage Crimes (Trumpdisco Remix) daftwho? EXCLUSIVE

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4 Responses to “Trumpdisco’s Crimes”

  1. Radio Pakistani

    Hej man!
    I really enjoy the tunes posted on this site!
    However, I don’t like dubstep that much and since you are posting mediafire links,
    it would be nice to hear a small preview of the tunes or you’d tell us wheter it’s dubstep/electro/minimal/house/..
    So I don’t have to download all those dubstep tunes for nothing.
    Just saying it would take the usability to an higher level!


  2. Zayler

    Hey mate, you’ll notice if you read the post that I mention that while they post dubstep and grime here and there, this takes it to a whole new level, suggesting it’s dubstep.

    Plus, you’ll notice that all my posts have TAGS at the bottom of them that say what genre of music is in that post.

    This post has:

    “Article tags: Dubstep, Exclusive, Grime”

  3. Justin

    Also, most of these choones are up on youtube. You can easily take preview listens before dl’ing, like me 🙂

  4. Toree

    Man they are sexy.

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