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Jazz Hands

June 25th, 2011

Yo boys and girls! I’m heading to the snow until Wednesday, so see you in 4 days! Here’s some hard out drumstep from Dr. Ozi to tide you over until then!

Dr. Ozi – Jazz Hands daftwho? MUST have

Dr. Ozi – An Apple A Day daftwho? recommends


Blokhe4d – Gutter Queen daftwho? recommends

5 Responses to “Jazz Hands”

  1. Dyska

    Hope you have an awesome time man! Two requests though, firstly: Don’t you reckon it’s time for a new album artwork for Daftwho? I’m getting tired of explaining it isn’t a porn site 😛 Secondly, do you reckon it’s possible to make downloaded tracks be part of a compliation? I dunno about you guys but my iTunes gets way to messy if I don’t group that shit together. Cheers.

  2. Logan

    I second Dyska’s comment, the artwork with the boobs is questionable haha. Perhaps let readers have a contest for some new artworks? Also, keep up the awesome posts.

  3. Zayler

    Good idea Logan! Will be running a contest for new Daftwho album art next week!

  4. Logan

    Awesome! My Photoshop is ready.

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