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January 22nd, 2012


Well, let me put this straight. They have deleted every file I have ever uploaded on mediafire (over 2,300 songs). With no warning.

Is this the end of blogging? The end of Daftwho? No. It’s not. I’ll continue to promote music, however I guess I cannot supply you with high quality full downloads anymore! Who am I kidding, yes I will!

I am with Anonymous. The Cyberwar begins in 2012. Join us.

19 Responses to “GRAVEYARD BELOW”

  1. Aaron

    NOOOOOOOO!!! 🙁

  2. Christian

    Fuck the U.S. gov… And I live in the U.S.

  3. gezg

    Oooooh so sad
    Maybe every user could upload one song they own to help you rebuilding an even stronger blog

  4. Justin

    FUUUUck shitty government

  5. Dave

    How about using zippyshare? or some other file sharing website

  6. Wills R

    I feel so ashamed to call myself an american. DAFTWHO? WILL PREVAIL!!!

  7. merk

    We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

  8. Anon

    I could… Perhaps… Make a torrent of everything I grabbed off this site. I don’t know how far back they go, but it wouldn’t be too hard. I’ve been using this site for a long time, and I’d love to give something back.

    We have to show them that we’ll get back up, because FUCK them and their uppity asses thinking they can do shit like this.

    Sitting around bitching will get you nowhere, strike back. Don’t buy music anymore, get it through file sharing. Instead, find a way to patronize the artists more directly. Go to concerts. Buy and wear apparel. Spread their work. Show that file sharing is helping the industry, not killing it. Artists and their crews don’t get enough from music sales. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    /rant. I mad, bro. You should be too.

  9. Zayler

    I don’t plan on stopping in any sense. I will be reuploading the past 3 pages of music. I will continue to post music. Daftwho? will live on.

  10. AndysSick

    I’m with you my dawg! Keep up the blog and I’ll keep signing petitions

  11. joe romano

    sorry bro! i was following you everyday its a shame that the goverment is so corrupt but like every successful aspiring artist you will bounce back from this bullshit

  12. Jordan

    That’s what you get for using MediaFire… Sorry man.

  13. Anonymous

    The really good stuff doesn’t come out on MP3 anyway… All this will do is drive music further and further away from the corporations.

  14. Frank

    US government =/= Mediafire. Mediafire deleted your music, not the US government.

  15. Sayshi

    Ay how can i join the resistance

  16. sukka? to

    Thats shit man, can u release all ur song’s in ur HD to torrent?

  17. predzme

    ahah i don’t care i got all the below song :p !

    FUCK S.O.P.A !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. anthony ares

    thank god for anonymous

  19. DiztrOH!!!

    FUCK SOPA!!!!! FUCKN GOVERNMENT CAN SUCK THE CRUST OFF MY FILTHY DICK!!!!! FUCK SOPA FUCK SOPA FUCK SOPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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