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Terrorism At It’s Best

December 11th, 2009

It’s not often that I post mixes and live sets, but this live recording from Dancefloor Terrorism‘s set at Stereosonic in Melbourne is truly awesome. As usual, their sample work is spine tingling and transitions are flawless. I think if I tried to make a tracklist I’d explode, but seriously have a listen. A mix of hard electro, rave and funky disco.

Dancefloor Terrorism – LIVE @ Stereosonic 2009 (Melbourne) daftwho? HIGHLY recommends

6 Responses to “Terrorism At It’s Best”

  1. marco polo

    eye l0ve deze GuiSeeEE!!!

  2. dft

    <3 daftwho?

  3. James

    anymore stereo sets
    where do u get them from?

  4. Reynolds

    Cant think for the life of me, but what is the track that comes in at 25.55?

    Peace x

  5. josh

    ant place to find the track list?

  6. Zayler

    I could find a semi-tracklist, but there are so many samples being used throughout the whole thing that it would be ridiculous. I’ll ask the boys, but I doubt it.

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