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What An Eptic Interview

April 23rd, 2012

After following Eptic since he first started blurting out his strange sounds, he has been nice enough to provide me with an interview.

His Like A Boss EP on Never Say Die Records came out not long ago and has thrust him into the spotlight as one of the most talented bass music produces today.

Anyway…read the interview below!

Mr. Eptic, it’s a pleasure to have you on the blog! First up, apart from bass music, what genres of music inspired you to get into producing your unique carnivale dubstep?

Hello Mr. Zayler!

I actually started out with all sorts of stuff: Hiphop, Breakbeat etc. but the genre that influenced me the most all of those years was Drum & Bass. Always been a big DnB fan. Jump up to be specific!

You’ve blown up massively in the past couple of months thanks to your Like A Boss EP having a huge release on Never Say Die Records, but your tunes have always gotten lots of attention in the underground scene. How does it feel being so young and getting so much praise?

Long story short, it’s really, really weird! Everything is going so quick it’s still a bit much to render. I’ve had so much fun the last few months it’s kinda hard to express how lucky I am!

I can’t help but notice you’re friendly with a lot of awesomely similar artists from around the world. I’m excited about your collabs with Habstrakt, but can we expect collabs with Funtcase…Cookie Monsta…? Or is it a secret?

I’m working on a lot of collabs at the moment, the one with Habstrakt was really fun to do. I do have collabs running with Funt & Cookie, but I don’t got much info about those ones yet, so keep your eyes peeled!

What are your favourite tunes at the moment?

Hard one! My all time favorite is D For Danger by Original Sin. One of my favorite recent tunes is Levels by Filth Collins.

Please come to Australia. Please?

Of course man, always wanted to mess up your countries ecosystem by bringing a frog. Oh wait Simpsons did it…

Which do you want more: Robotic Super Cat or Army of Hamsters at your command?

I already have an awesome cat, so I choose army of hamsters. As long as there are enough hamsters to carry me in a big chair around the city, preferably with dramatic communist music in the background.

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Eptic on Soundcloud

Like A Boss EP on Beatport

4 Responses to “What An Eptic Interview”

  1. Connor

    Convince him to release Stick Up VIP as a single! that song is too good for only a 1 minute clip

  2. Joe

    Eptic come to Los Angeles! Save the dubstep scene skrillex fucked up our here

  3. Billy

    Such a good interview, and hopefully he does come to Australia sometime soon

  4. Zayler

    He will. I’ve already been in contact with his agent and he’ll most likely be heading this way next year.

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