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December 22nd, 2009

I posted a remix of this a few posts ago, but the original has it’s merits as well. The whole EP from Hostage is unbelieavable, every remix holding it’s on. Either way, wobble wins out in the title track.

Hostage – Valhalla daftwho? recommends

Afrojack has bombarded 2009 with remixes and originals and in the past month two have stood out, but especially this first one. Zeggie appeared not long ago as an odd track, in that it featured vocal samples from A Millie at the beginning, but this bootleg by Kaks stands out to me as one of my favourite Afrojack tracks to date.

Afrojack – What? (Kaks Original Bootleg) daftwho? HIGHLY recommends

Honorebel ft. Pitbull & Jump Smokers – Now You See It (Afrojack Remix)


Aquasky ft. Sporty-O – Outta Control (Kelevra Remix)

Sidney Samson – Riverside (Black Noise Remix) daftwho? recommends

Freeland – Morning Sun (Hijack Remix)

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