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Best Remixes Of 2009

December 22nd, 2009

I always planned on doing a ‘Best Of’ post for 2009, but decided to keep it to my favourite remixes instead. You may agree, you may not, but it’s based around my personal opinion on the quality of the track and the effect it had on the industry. Here, in no particular order, are Daftwho’s Best Remixes Of 2009.

Proxy has shown himself to be one of the pioneers of the electronic industry. Many may not agree, but he has birthed a sound that will be taking over club scenes around the world in the next few years. In fact there is no doubt it is already starting to happen. Coming from Russia, he didn’t have a huge fan base in his home country, but was welcomed with open arms to countries all over the world, who had been slapped in the face with his grinding electronic riffs. Raven took dancefloors all over the world by storm and there is much more to come. After listening to this remix for the first time I literally had no idea what I was listening to, but I knew I’d never go back.

Tiga – What You Need (Proxy Remix) daftwho? must have

When describing new dance tracks these days, often the phrase “afrojack sound” comes into play. What started out with a remix of Riverside has turned into a movement. Afrojack can be charged the the crime of reusing, with remix and originals alike using the same either deep bass or high pitched melody to get a crowd dancing. However it has also made him stand out from others by creating an identity for himself. I can safely say I have heard this every time I’ve gone out in the past 6 months and I’ve played it every time I’ve had a gig.

Silvio Ecomo & Chuckie – Moombah (Afrojack Remix) daftwho? must have

Ah, Warp. So many people love it, so many hate it. I love it, but god am I sick of it. However there is one remix I’ve always loved and it comes from my pick for artist to look out for in 2010, GTRONIC. His Iron Man EP has just been released and there is no doubt more to come. His ‘BadAssRMX’ of Warp takes ‘filthy bassline’ to a whole new level.

The Bloody Beetroots Ft. Steve Aoki – Warp 1.9 (GTRONIC BadAssRMX) daftwho? must have

There’s not much I can say. Len Faki combines techno, electronic, house and progressive into a masterpiece that can’t be doubted. This song is being played by everyone, from Armin and Tiesto to Sound Of Stereo and Deadmau5. It’s buildups and transitions are just perfect and every second of listening to it is pure joy to my ears.

Dustin Zahn – Stranger To Stability (Len Faki Podium Mix) daftwho? must have

Jack Beats are another duo to explode this year. This puppy is another one I hear every time I’m out with not fail. I remember praying Beetroots would play it at the start of the year at Prince so I could hear it out and they did, and man did it blow my mind. No one can deny this track gets your heart beating and puts a smile on your face when you hear those faithful words.

Project Bassline – Drop The Pressure (Jack Beats ‘Rinsed Out Rave’ Remix) daftwho? must have

Miss out on a track you think was vital? Comment and tell me!

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