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Yow Momma Wants More?

February 16th, 2013

New stuff from Cookie Monsta, that everyone’s been waiting for. Commenter below asked why I don’t post as much anymore! Usually comes down to how busy I am in the real world, but I’ll happily post more if you guys want me to.

How about we get some comments for this post and let me know if you want more and what you want more of!

Cookie Monsta – Yow Momma daftwho? MUST have


Getter – Papercuts daftwho? MUST have

Flexa – Yeah

Genetix & Audio Sleaze – Cyclone

Doomtrooper & Dr Bloodnugget – Chattin’ Shit

11 Responses to “Yow Momma Wants More?”

  1. andrew

    yes post more

  2. Joe

    Grime,trap, DNB,dubstep more please.. Ohh just seen justin martin last night in hollywood! Hella fun

  3. Shoreen

    Omg joe I was there too! Lol At the Avalon…such a small world 😀 ummm more house music

  4. Marcus

    I think we all can agree, we’d like to see you post more great music. But, as a blog owner myself, I too realize how difficult it can be to post amazing content regularly, due to lack of time in the real world. With that said, I LOVE just about everything that you post. So, yes I”d love to see more obviously, but I ain’t mad at ya;) Keep it up, your site is great!

  5. Zayler

    Thanks for the feedback so far guys. Justin Martin and the whole Dirtybird crew kill it everytime, so good!

    I’ll post more techno and house when I can. Joe – I feel like I post a lot of those genres, so I guess I’ll just have to post more regularly! Heh.

  6. N1xx1N

    GOOD FUCKING BLOG!!!! Keep doing what you do, and do it harder! Maybe show some under the radar/up and coming artists, If its a delicious song you usually find them! keep up the good work

  7. Obama

    Maybe some music like breakbot. Not sure on whats in called

  8. kole

    Must say i love me some cookie, and love some mantis along with that track you put up with getter. more filthy grime dubstep.

  9. Connor

    definitely post more whenever you have the chance! usually like the dubstep/drum n bass variety, but every now and then a chill or house tune hits home with me. anything will do, im open to anything posted

  10. Joe

    Woah it is a small world shoreen 😉 hah. I was the dude with the Run The Trap shirt behind the stage.. Oh yeah VIP!

  11. Zayler

    Thanks for the good words all!

    Obama – Breakbot is under the umbrella of disco or french house. Will try and find some more quality stuff for you.

    Kole – Always going to bring the dubs my friend!

    Connor – Love bringing some variety with some chill tunes, they will keep coming.

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