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OG Kush

February 26th, 2013

As most of you know, I’m a sucky for squishy ass dubs! Some of my favourite producers at the moment are the likes of Bukez Finezt, Requake, BadKlaat and Subfiltronik.

50 Carrot & Coffi are coming up fast as some of the best of this sub sound of bass. HOOK THIS SHIT TO MY VEINS!

50 Carrot – Wiz Kid (Coffi VIP) daftwho? MUST have


Hassassin – Direction VIP

TrollPhace – Critical Hit

6 Responses to “OG Kush”

  1. Carson

    Hey man jsut so you know i love the site man and the shit that you have been on here lately is ill keep it coming with the deep vibes like 50 carrot and coffi and shit like you have been. all the other sites have gone to trap and i just need to have the deep tunes to jam to. I mean trap is cool but i still have that love and want to listen to really good music

  2. Zayler

    Thanks Carson, you know I love my deep and squishy dubs, so I won’t stop 😉

  3. Seth

    Yo zayler is Mary Jane popular out where your at? Lol do you celebrate 420?

  4. Zayler

    Yeah dude, Australia love it. And yes I do celebrate.

  5. Seth

    Thats good to hear our culture is alive and out there ..

  6. Bsement Music - Pagrabstāvs

    Yes. This is nice one. You should check out
    This Guy Too
    There is some deep vibes!

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