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Zayler Live At Wobble

July 21st, 2013

It’s been so long since my last recorded mix! Hope you enjoy this one. Recorded live from WOBBLE in Melbourne. Mind some of the hiccups, I was quite intoxicated…BOOM POW!

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8 Responses to “Zayler Live At Wobble”

  1. Emily

    Sexy ass mofo!

  2. Zayler

    Haha, thanks 😉

  3. Big dog55

    Yo nice job. Im only have way through..but so far its bangin

  4. Daftwhofan

    Great now I have to somehow download every single track on the mix.. lol nice mate

  5. Zayler

    Thanks guy. A lot of the tracks have already been uploaded on here. Others are oldies, newies or exclusives that aren’t out yet. <3

  6. Badman Stan

    Bro! Dance party at my place

  7. Joe

    Sick mix.. And those tracks underneath the mix are hella dope. I love me some dubstep

  8. Zayler

    Glad you like the tracklist dude! Some of my favourite stuff in there.

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