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Round The Clock

December 29th, 2013

P Money always rocks his vocals. I saw Magnetic Man last year and he made a special appearance and freestyled better than I’ve ever seen. Big bassy beats makes this one addictive!

P Money – Round The Clock daftwho? MUST have


TC – Get Down Low (ShockOne Remix)

Savant – Soap daftwho? MUST have

xKore & F3tch – Ladies

Hydraulix & Slakk – Whole Crew (Dirt Monkey Remix)

6 Responses to “Round The Clock”

  1. Djobbe

    About a year ago you completely changed your site and I asked how to download tracks. Now you have this stupid thing at the top of your page. What a bigot. Btw your forum is dead and is shit you wanker.

  2. Zayler

    Hey Djobbe.

    I haven’t changed my site at all. The only thing that may have changed is my taste in music, but I try to upload a big range of bass music, house, techno and chill stuff.

    The forum is very dead, even though I asked the community if they’d post, people have better things to do obviously, haha.

    In regards to you asking how to download tracks, that’s a very normal question. I added that thing at the top to let EVERYONE know how to download, as I don’t know who’s going to visit the site.

    I don’t know why you’re so angry at me, I don’t feel like I’ve done anything personally to you. If you could please advise me why I’m a ‘bigot’ and a ‘wanker’ I would be happy to change how I’ve treated you.

  3. CILVR

    Personally your blog is pretty dope. It has a great variety of music and genres and its guaranteed to be on repeat. I think the Download thing is a necessity for new traffic to figure out the cite. Well I love this blog keep up the good work!

  4. DjObbe

    Basically I asked you in a comment how it was to download music from your website. Before I had simply clicked on the links and the opened a window that allowed me to download it automatically. Then after a change it opened a new window that instead have a streamer playing it.

    When I asked how to ask to download it you did not respond… So that struck me as somewhat rude. Now my previous comment comes off as very rude and I do not use that type of language so lets talk about what happened.

    But then almost a day later you put up that thing saying right click to download…. DUH…

    That seemed to be targeted at me man and it really seemed like a rude move on your half because of how close the site change and my question were. It would have been fine if you would have simply explained how to download!! But the fact that you put DUH implied that if you did not know you were basically and idiot. When I read that I thought you were a shithead basically. So yes that explains whatsup.

    Now you can say over and over again that oh I merely put that up as a reminder to EVERYONE. But no it was no coincidence that the same day I asked you how you change the site and put DUH at the top. Now thats fucked up when I had been was a fan to your taste in music now you just say oh this guys a fuckup let me humiliate him so everyone that visits can see it. If you were in my shoes you would be pissed to.

  5. DjObbe

    Actually It was DURR. not duh

  6. Zayler

    Actually, I got asked quite a bit about it and you must have been the last person. There’s also a VERY good chance I didn’t read your comment, as I don’t get notifications about comments, I just have to happen to see them.

    Also, it’s just a joke. I think you’re taking it way too seriously. I have a very immature and sarcastic humour sometimes and I am not the kind of person to ever target anyone directly. You need to see it from someone’s else’s view, as I’m not humiliating you at all in any way, because I didn’t even mention you.

    I’m sorry to have upset you, but you have definetely taken this all the wrong way and very personally, when I’m a lazy stoner kid who loves music and doesn’t hate people 🙁

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