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January 5th, 2014

This track from New York Transit Authority made my new years very fun. Including the bonus tracks I have, it was played many a time. Hope you all had a good new years and are ready for 2014.

New York Transit Authority – 95 daftwho? MUST have

PS. If you check the post below someone has commented giving me a bit of a hard time and I’m just wondering if anyone else is dissapointed with how the site has been the past year. I don’t want to exclude or push away fans from the site, so any advice would be nice.


Marek Hemmann – Zunder

Tiga & Audion – Let’s Go Dancing (Solomun Remix)

10 Responses to “95”

  1. Tom

    Hey, just thought I should let you know that I’ve been using this website for years, and my music taste probably wouldn’t be the same without this website. Love the range of tracks you provide, so keep it up! I will try and become more active on the forums too 🙂

  2. garrison

    Whhhaaatt? This is like the best site for all electronic music.. Most sites always just have that hard hitting electro carp, but over here on daftwho? We see all parts of life in the EDM world.
    Do want you been doing, daftwho kicks ass

  3. Zayler

    Thanks for the comments guys. Keeps me chugging along 🙂

    Honestly Tom, I think the forum was the wrong way to go about things anyway. I need to create a commentary in these posts before creating it anywhere else. I’ll try to do more asking the fans type of thing in each post.

  4. cbones

    This blog has been the one blog I’ve consistently followed for something like 3 years now, don’t change anything you do. You straight kill it on beat selection and I truly appreciate the simplicity in your posts. No bullshit, just straight up music.

    Thank you so much for all the great tunes, much love from Denver, CO.

  5. Paul

    This blog is one of the dopest! Don’t change nothing bro. Los Angeles DJs need you lol


    DOPE site man! I’ve been a fan for years, I DJ at festivals and love the things you post and being able to download them is a big plus because I dont have to sort threw all the garbage because your taste is exactly like mine.

    If you can come out with more TRAP like some laser trap, or some nice TRANCE downloads I’d be happy man, I feel like more of those and some good underground shit is what I have a hard time and others i’ve spoken to agree, thats what me and my boys listen to and what I mix at the clubs!!

    Good Vibes your way!

  7. Adam J

    Hey man, Daftwho is really the only electronic music blog i’ve followed which has not only stayed constant in uploads, but has consistently killed it with everything that is posted. Keep it up Zayler, although you’re music taste may subtly change ie. trash and heavy electro, you never disappoint 🙂

  8. Zayler

    Thanks to all of you. Good to see some positive vibes and good to know people actually read what I write! Much love!

  9. Codi

    This site has taken my virginity. I’ve stalked it since 2010.
    I think maybe some HARD electro has been missing. (ex. DJ Antention)
    More innovative dubstep….It’s more of the scenes fault that less of it is made.
    (ex. Bukez Finezt, Coffi, 50 Carrot)

  10. Zayler

    Hey Codi,

    There has been a lack of HARD electro getting made by producers. That’s the main problem. There is a bit out there, but it’s just not very good.

    And you know I post lots of that kind of dubstep 🙂

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