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Give It To Me

January 11th, 2014

Loadstar recently released his Future Perfect Remixes EP and my favourite of the bunch is this huge dancefloor bomb from DC Breaks.

Loadstar – Give It To Me (DC Breaks Remix) daftwho? MUST have

PS. Should I keep the ‘daftwho? MUST have’ tag? I like it, but not sure if it’s necessary. Let me know in the comments.


Mantis & MUST DIE! – Dovahkiin

Fred V & Grafix – Downpour daftwho? MUST have

Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Nicaragua

8 Responses to “Give It To Me”

  1. CILVR

    You should keep the ‘daftwho? MUST have’ tag makes it more “personal” like your faves.

  2. ignazio

    you should do what you want to, it’s YOUR blog, and if anyone complains he/she should just visit any other blog

  3. tw

    keep it… love this blog big up!! zayler

  4. swoops

    def keep the tags, i like the idea of them. even though i download every song most of the time anyway haha

  5. ittech

    House Music! Haha way off topic

  6. Zayler

    Thanks guys, I will keep it 🙂

    ittech, glad you like the tunes. Love my housey beats, lots more to come!

  7. nobrayn

    I’m late to the game, but yeah, I’d say keep it. You obviously post what you like, but it’s nice to see what you really REALLY like… 😉

  8. Danny Poland

    stay as long u can

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