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March 16th, 2014

Big drumstep sounds from big dog Skrillex. His new album is out and these first two tracks take my fancy.

Skrillex – Ragga Bomb daftwho? MUST have


Skrillex – F**k That daftwho? MUST have

Bukez Finezt – Gimme Gimme daftwho? MUST have

BloodThinnerz – Bloodstar

Cotti – Sedition

Supreme – Pull Up

Skinzmann – Greaze

5 Responses to “Ragga”

  1. Codi

    Oooomonomnomnom. Juicy. 🙂

  2. Zayler

    Uber juicy!

  3. Cory

    What an music orgasm!!

  4. Matt

    Pretty good!!!

  5. Julian Luis

    Serhat Erdem – Dark Noise Out Now iTunes

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