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February 12th, 2010

You electro addicts out there, I have the surprise you’ve been waiting for, the FIRST Daftwho? Exclusive Artist. Fffrrrreeeq comes from Picardie in France, and is producing some dark underground electro at the moment to melt your brains out. His latest EP is out soon on Joystykc Musique, but you can find out all the details in his interview below.

I’d like to welcome you as the first Daftwho? Exclusive Artist. It’s great to have such a great upcoming artist joining the Daftwho? family. So many letters! How’d you come up with your name?

First I would like to say that I love the blog’s name! My name came about really simply: Last year, I was off doing electronic music composition, which I’d been doing for 3 or 4 years, and I restarted an old project based on punk-8bit sounds, around 150 BPM, in the way of the Mr. Oizo “stunt” track.
I was working on the first session of my “Dildo Science” track and, at the end of the day, I closed the logic session and I needed to called the files something, so spontaneously I wrote a stupid play-on-word between “frequency” and “freak” and I just added letters so I could quickly the files on my computer. Then I decide to keep exactly the number of “f”,”r” and “e” I wrote…so, I just stuck with the fun name.

How long have you been in the music scene and did you ever think you’d be doing it as a full time profession?

The Fffrrrreeeq project birthed a year and an half ago but I’ve composed music since I was really young, learning classical guitar first, but I got fed up of that at the time, because of the strict teaching with no liberty. It was the early 90’s and all I wanted to do was turntable scratching because hip-hop was my first love, especially the NYC scene, like Public Enemy or Boogie Down Production. Scratching taught me all that I love in music composition: improvisation, abstraction, noise, etc…
I remember the first time I found myself in love with electronic music, maybe around 1994-1995, in London for a school exchange…during a jungle music party in a small theater. I remember thinking : “Wow! There’s pretty cool sounds outside hip-hop!”
I came back on typical instruments when I found myself in love with Melvins and Sonic Youth, discovered electric guitar with effects and drums when I was 14 and at this time I asked myself “sounds like that’s always what I wanted to be! That’s the only way I can prove myself” so I started to work hard by myself.
I’d never think about music in a professional way because “work” for me is similar to “boring” or “slavery” so…I tried to resist with making music everyday. I wanted to play live as soon as possible.

Which artists do you see as your biggest influences and who would you most like to collaborate with?

There a shit load of artists I respect, in every styles, I mean, I always respect a guy who wants to create something different. My influences are not only music, because picture is sound and sounds reminds me of pictures or movie sequences, they are mixed between electronic from the beginning or Nintendo NES composers, dudes from Warp records like Chris Clark, movies from Troma, Phantom of the Paradise movie, old and new punk scenes philosophy, comics from Marvel, stoner musicians, new noisy electronic musicians like Sebastian, abstract music from Mego or Touch records, guys from Factory records, scratch addicts like D-Styles, all project from Mike Patton, John Zorn, Dead Kennedy, Machine Head, Melvins, Sonic Youth, Arnaud Rebotini, Trente Moller, Prince, NIN, Mirwais, Laurent Garnier, AC slater, Apparat, Aphex, Dr Dre, Radiohead, Chopin, Schubert, Theolious Monk and lots of movie composers such as Angelo Badalamenti or Howard Shore and so much more but I’ll stop here cause it’ll take years to write everybody!

I think every person making electronic music today are liars if they don’t recognize Oizo or Daft Punk as a major influences but I think Modeselektor and new club culture inspired me a lot in the past few years. Moderat playing live at Berlin last summer was the last big thing in my head!… or “The Uninvited Guest” album from Siriusmo, best electro album of 2009, definitely!
Same for people I wanted to work with, too many people! Jackson (and his computer band) maybe or SoulWax…Sebastian cause I’m sure he’s a real genius as a sound engineer…hum, ok I choose Erol Alkan cause he looks pretty cool in a studio!

What was your favourite gig, and do you remember your first gig?

As Fffrrrreeeq I’ve always wanted to start playing live, it’s always been part of the future! Spinning records is what I’ve done since I was 13, so it’s not really a gig for me, I’m not into DJ star bullshit, the DJ is just a part of the party, if the audience sucks the party sucks even if you’ve got the best DJ ever, but the last time we played with Sterehoes and Vand Vand for our sponsor and friends from IWAAD: TRUST THE BUZZ was really fun because of the crowd. The gig in Oxford and the one in Nantes (France) with guys from the Spectrum Collective.

My first gig as Fffrrreeeq? It was at the real beginning of this project at Montreal, one and a half years ago at a party called “Beat Me Up” from my DJ friend Mary Hell who invited me. A few days after I was playing at her friend DJ Cherry Cola’s party at Les Foufounes Electriques. Amazing place, looks like the blood bath party in the Blade movie! Good souvenirs, even if I can’t remember everything because of gin-redbull and weed mixed together. Montreal is the place to be for a crazy club party!

Do you plan on travelling down Australia way any time in the future?

I’ve been interested by Australia for a long time…people from your country I’ve met were really curious and passionate. And the country looks beautiful, New Zealand too!
I want to travel everywhere, it’s the best part of my life! And I think the best part of this electro scene is about travelling and meet different people but, for Australia the fly is really expensive, so find me gigs and i’ll come with my friends from Joystykc Musique to mash up the Party!

Where do you see yourself in a few months?

Hard to explain, I don’t know where I’ll be in a few hours! I hope with my friends making music or playing at gigs, having good times, meeting cool people, travelling. I really want to go outside of Europe for summer with my crew: Jimi K. from Sterehoes, XXII’s analog junkies, R-ash and Silent from Vand Vand and all Traumateam’s scratch genius, LaTourette, Timon Laxness (keep an eye on this young club DJ), Harold and Victor from Joystykc (heavy dance entertainers!) and of course Trust The Buzz crew and the Joystykc Family.

Your new EP is on it’s way. When is the release date and what can we expect?

About the first EP on Joystykc Musique/MBR (brand new label from France, coolest dudes ever!) it’ called “GAMEBOY/DILDO SCIENCE” and it has taken a long time to get out but you’ll finally find it in digital everywhere on the 22d of February this year, the date for first XXII ep too.
It’s important for me cause it sounds like the beginning of the story, you know “Dildo Science” was the first track under Fffrrrreeeq’s name. Because of that I’ll produce a second EP real soon, more into Trash club music and it’ll called “Shake Your Blood” EP, at the end of March, kind of a few stupid and spontaneous electro-punk tracks made only in analog and editing for killing each other in a club! The third one will be real different, more vocals, kind of Rob Zombie “Dragula” song way, sort of evolution, strictly made to be performed live with machines, instruments and my lovely Theremin. Maybe out in July… and yeah, I will scream a lot!

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Fffrrrreeeq Facebook

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There it is boys and girls, EP is out 22nd of February, but I have some samples here to get your mouths watering!

Fffrrrreeeq – Game Boy (Alternative Take) daftwho? exclusive artist

Drowning Pool – Bodies (Fffrrrreeeq Remix) daftwho? exclusive artist

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