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Get Higher

April 12th, 2015

Excision recently released a new ep titled Codename X. His signature hard hitting bass sounds still strike true.

Excision – Live Wire daftwho? MUST have


Feed Me – High Noon

Barely Alive ft. Splitbreed – WEDABE$ (PhaseOne Remix)

Twine – Flow

5 Responses to “Get Higher”

  1. LifeSucceedsDeath

    Recently seen Excision live on the East Coast 150k watts of Bass was INTENSEEE!!!! Lookup ROBO KITTY xD

  2. Zayler

    Yeah man, awesome video. I like in Australia, so the 150,000 Watts of Sound tour will never come hear, due to price and sound restrictions. Such a shame!

  3. Nattizzle

    I also live in Aus, it’s such a bummer. Excision is high up there in terms of live shows for me.

    Fav track on the album is Shadow Flame. Live Wire is good too =P

  4. Nattizzle

    Also, that Feed Me track is sooo good!

  5. Zayler

    Yeah dude, he has been booked to come to Australia for the past 4 years and never does. I guess he just makes so much more money in the US and I hear he doesn’t like flying.

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