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Daftwho? presents Andy’s ill

February 17th, 2010

It is time to announce our second Daftwho? Exclusive Artist, in that of Andy’s ill. I posted his track The Struggle a while ago, but now as he joins the family he presents us with a new track. It’s only his second electro track ever, but it is better and darker then the first! Here’s a message he’s given out about himself to you faithful readers!

My name is Andy Sills, I’m from Toronto, Canada.
I was always involved in stupid pretentious tech-metal bands when I was younger, but as I grew up I realized that it wasn’t about how cool you think you are, but the friends that you make along the way, and the people that enjoy your music.
They’re the ones who make you “cool”.
I got into trash electro from some french dudes when I lived in Banff Alberta.
The French fucking know how to throw down.
My biggest influence is Systematic Earthly Gadgets. Great fucking guys.
I hope my music makes you want to hip check people at the club.
Mad Daftwho love for throwin me on this.

Andy’s ill – Gruesome daftwho? exclusive artist

Andy’s ill – The Struggle daftwho? exclusive artist

9 Responses to “Daftwho? presents Andy’s ill”



  2. DemonFG

    Wow. I knew you were a damn dirty hipster but how could you sell us (London) out like that? This cat’s from Toronto like the Queen’s from Argentina… He ain’t. He’s a fake.

  3. Beatzzz

    Haters never stop hatin.
    Doesnt matter where you are, as long as youre making filth like he does.

  4. DemonFG

    And telling the truth… Fuck this guy.

  5. Beatzzz

    You couldnt make anythin close to this.
    Go listen to tiesto fagget.

  6. DemonFG

    Oh yeah I’m a big faggot cause I can’t make sick techno. I never said I could, and I never said the music was shit. This cat was a fuckin hero of mine because he was great on every instrument he touched. Really fucking great. But none of that matters a tiny fucking bit if it’s gonna be brought to you on a bed of lies. So beatzz, you sir, can listen to some venga boys and get fucked, cause you don’t know shit.

  7. Zayler

    Calm down boys. And to DemonFG, he told me he was from Canada, so don’t be onbashing Daftwho, haha.

    Love, Zayler

  8. DemonFG

    Yeah definitely no disrespect to you guys, you’re just goin by the music. I’m not here to cause problems for anyone but Andy when he tries to sleep at night, and sorry if that Beatzzz guy is part of the crew or whatever but he was being a cunt so I had to inform him. I’ve known Andy for like ten years (both in high school in London, Ontario) so I wasn’t gonna let that shit slide. I’m not saying you shouldn’t listen to his tunes; when it comes to the music, the cat’s truly gifted. Just be aware that the man behind the music may not be legit like you thought he was.

  9. Zayler

    Yeah fair enough. He’s a really nice bloke either way, but I can see how you feel.

    And nah, Beatzzz isn’t part of my crew dude, I’m the sole writer and creator.


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