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February 26th, 2010

If you’ve been a long time Daftwho? follower, you’ll remember that I’ve been posting tracks from Dirty Disco Youth since his remix of Ghosts N Stuff at the start of 2009, to his amazing single, Stupid Sounds. Now he’s come out with his …Off EP, which is 3 amazing self produced tracks and 3 remixes of said tracks. Today I provide you with 2 of those self produced tracks to give you a taste of the glory. I recommend buying the whole EP to obtain the rest of it’s glory.

Dirty Disco Youth – Brains…Off daftwho? recommends

Dirty Disco Youth – Heads…Off daftwho? recommends


Oliver Twizt – Headbanger daftwho? recommends

The Mould – Getto daftwho? recommends

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