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Daftwho? presents DISTRAKT

February 28th, 2010

You may have noticed his name on the side of the page, but now I introduce to you DISTRAKT. He hails from Sydney and has been making some filthy and mind melting tracks for the past year and a bit. What you need to get excited for is the digital release on the 1st of March (Monday) of his newest EP collaborated with NT89, Pumpin’. It is a huge track and is going to tear dancefloors all over the world.

NT89 & Distrakt – Pumpin’

Check out the interview below!

Well it’s great having you as our third Daftwho? Exclusive Artist. When did you first know you wanted to get into the production side of music?

Well, the natural progression after DJing is to start writing music, but it is only going to really work for you if you have the passion and really want to do it. Sometimes it takes me weeks to get new ideas and then I don’t like them. What really made me want to get into production more than anything was listening to the twisted sounds of people like SebastiAn and Justice. The moment in my life when I actually said “production is what I need to do” was seeing Justice a few years ago on a hot, hot, hot afternoon after a million drinks (and I’m sure millions of other things that I cant release) in the boiler room at Big Day Out. WOW REVELATION!!!

Do you plan on doing some tours around Australia? Maybe down Melbourne way?

Well the thing is, as I have been focusing lots of my production on Europe and other parts of the world I am not looking to tour more and more as i am getting on top of production and things are starting to come out of the studio really well and banging. I would love to come to Melbourne and all the other states around Australia. I love traveling and playing to a variety of crowds and the challenge of pleasing everyone.

I will be in Europe around May/June so we will see how things go the second time round. It’s set to be huge.

Who do you think influences your music the most?

That is a really, really hard question, as when I was growing up I listened to everything from George Micheal (wow weird ) to happy hardcore CDs, but if I had to narrow it down to a few artists then I would have to say Jurassic 5, Dr Dre, and then people like Boys Noize, who is like a genius to me and also Vitalic at the moment . That man is pure genius, I love it.

If you could support anyone at a gig, who would it be?

1. Daft punk
2. Justice
3. Boys Noize
4. The Pope on one of his huge masses!!! 🙂

Fffrrrreeeq (http://www.myspace.com/fffrrrreeeq), our filthy frenchy, just became an exclusive artist. Would you ever be interested in collaborating with him on a production or remix?

Well at the moment I am remixing lots of artists. I love doing remixes, so that is never out of the question. Colabs are difficult sometimes, but I love doing them, as I learn a lot and never know how they are going to turn out .

He is a very talented artist 🙂

Where do you see yourself in a few years?

Probably packing shelves at the local green grocer. But really I have no idea, I take things day by day. If I look too far into the future I forget what to do today and what I am trying to achieve within myself. Who knows where I will be. I have dreams but they are in my head, they are not for the world to know. The world will find out when I achieve them 😉



I’ll keep you posted on the release of Pumpin’ on March 1st, but in the meantime, here are some remixes he’s allowed me to post up for you stingy fuckers. Love you all!!!

Clash The Disco Kids – Midget Gems (DISTRAKT DA da DA Remix) daftwho? exclusive artist

NEUS – Take My Dope (DISTRAKT Remix) daftwho? exclusive artist

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