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Thanks For Playing

March 27th, 2010

I’m one post away from 200 posts on the new blog, I’ve posted a bit over 1200 tracks for your rascals to download over the past year, and there’s no chance I’m stopping. It’s been some hard yards, constantly downloading new songs, listening to so many noises they all start blurring into one, and keeping you faithful readers wanting more. It’s all been worth it though. In the past month this blog has offered me more opportunities then ever before. If you couldn’t tell from the sneaky teaser flyer a few posts back, DAFTWHO? is going to start hosting events later in the year (winter is the dawn of a new age) and producers have been contacting me more and more with new tracks.

I just want to say a big thanks to all you little monsters! I hope my obsession with the pursuit of mind melting music has changed your perception of the music scene.

Bare Noize – Chucky daftwho? recommends

DZ & Sam XL – Munch

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