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April Minimix

April 5th, 2010

I decided to whip up a little PROMO Minimix to let people hear what I actually play out. Yes it’s exactly the same as what I post, haha. It’s not planned or anything, I just sat down and pressed record for 33mins, so it’s got some fuck ups here and there, but ah well. Enjoy!

April PROMO Minimix by Zayler

2 Responses to “April Minimix”

  1. Edgeeer

    Can you post the tracklist for the dubstep section, and the song you used to transition into it. I really liked that section :]

  2. Zayler

    If you click on the link under the stream titled “April PROMO Minimix” it’ll take you to the Soundcloud page with the tracklist there. I’m planning a dubstep minimix soon, so you can get excited for that.

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