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My newest mix to showcase my “amazing” mixing skills…heh. I’ll be doing annual mixes of varying genres to showcase my favourite tracks to play out. The BACKROOM mixes will be bringing you the best in minimal, techno, house, acid, and progressive. I imagine myself playing a set like this at 5am in some dark stingy backroom lounge area where everyone is incapable of coherent dancing and resort to slow random body movements. Enjoy!

Backroom 2010 by Zayler

Mediafire link here if you prefer:

Zayler – Backroom 2010

Coming soon: Grimehouse 2010

3 Responses to “Zayler – Backroom 2010 Mix”

  1. shooshpig

    killer mix any chance of a tracklist?

  2. Zayler

    yeah I’ll write one up

  3. Edgar

    Heck yes :] I still listen too April promo mix. “switch-up” boooom booooom

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