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I’m Yours

January 29th, 2010

If you know Breakbot you know his first official EP from Ed Banger, Baby I’m Yours, is going to be amazing, and from this hearing this first track you’d be right. Blowing people away once again with his funky disco sounds he is definitely taking the nu-disco world by storm. Buy the EP from Ed […]

And Such

January 19th, 2010

Parks and sun and dogs and playgrounds and clouds and such. ♫ Neon Indian – Mind, Drips (Mirror People Remix) daftwho? recommends ♫ Sliimy – Paint Your Face (SALM Remix) daftwho? recommends

Dangerous Shins

January 16th, 2010

Broken Bells is an American indie rock band featuring artist–producer Danger Mouse and James Mercer the lead vocalist and guitarist for the indie rock band The Shins. This collaboration was announced in September 2009 and the first newsletter was sent out in December, hailing their first track The High Road. Summer rock at its best. […]

I’m Back

January 11th, 2010

Relax. ♫ WhoMadeWho – I Lost My Voice (Moulinex Remix) daftwho? recommends ♫ Monty – En Till Himmel But not too much. ♫ Death To The Throne – I Only Have Eyes For You daftwho? recommends ♫ Rune RK – Papperlapapp ♫ Inside Out Boy & Vogel – Adrenochrome daftwho? recommends

Summer Is Here To Stay

December 20th, 2009

What a nice sunny day. Here’s some summer tunes to accompany you in the park and on the beach. ♫ Van She – (Don’t Fear) The Reaper daftwho? recommends ♫ Super Mal – Blood & Sun (Justin Faust Remix) ♫ Daft Punk – High Life (Cassian’s Bootleg) daftwho? recommends ♫ Kamei – Hot (Extended Version) […]

Lazy Days

December 9th, 2009

I’m lazy, you guys should know that by now. Well here are some lazy days tunes. Three to be exact, and all possess different styles, but for me are prefect for being lazy in the sun. ♫ Fenech Soler – Lies (The Phantom’s Revenge Remix) ♫ Beach House – Norway daftwho? recommends ♫ Maxime Miville […]

Grass Against My Arms

December 4th, 2009

Residing in Brooklyn, ARMS is producing some very chilled out, melodramatic indie tunes that will get you ready for summer and the feel of grass on your arms and legs. ♫ ARMS – Homelife daftwho? recommends Some trippy progressive from UK boys Monarchy. One listen and you can tell these are some very talented producers. […]

The Devil

November 30th, 2009

So you may be asking where the hell I’ve been for the past week. A little something called Schoolies (school celebrations for those not from Australia). I was in Byron Bay, NSW, for a week and man have I lost a lot of brain cells. Warning to all those going next year. Bongs are the […]

People Movin’ In

November 19th, 2009

The Shoes are a UK duo who have been around for a bit, but haven’t released much. Well as of a few weeks ago they finally released their new EP People Movin’. It’s a chillaxed and funky rollercoaster ride of fun. Bring the sun. ♫ The Shoes – People Movin feat. Primary 1 daftwho? HIGHLY […]

Whales And Bitches

November 15th, 2009

In a chilled out mood thanks to this hot weather. This new one from US folk Black Whales is very upbeat and fun. ♫ Black Whales – Books On Tape daftwho? recommends Sleepy, Halloween music. ♫ Turzi – Thriller in Bombay (Koudlam Switzerland Remix) daftwho? recommends Posted the radio edit of this one a while […]

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