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April 23rd, 2014

This is one of the tracks I’ve had on repeat since release. Zhu is an up n comer from LA who I have no doubt is going to make some big waves in the scene throughout 2014.

Zhu – Faded daftwho? MUST have


SirensCeol – Memories daftwho? MUST have

Reset! – Skills 2 Pay Da Bills (Pablo Calamari Remix)

Tickle My Trout

April 19th, 2014

Loving the sounds in this new one from Dubfreq. Production quality is absolutely tight and the vocals compliment it well. Get squishy!

Dubfreq – Tickle My Trout daftwho? MUST have


Caspa ft. Diane Charlemagne – Reach For The Sky (The Others Remix) daftwho? MUST have

Tim Ismag – Freaking Rocking

The Greys & 12Gauge – Milky Sway

Subzee D – Catch 24 daftwho? MUST have

Barron – Trouble Maker

Shadows In The Sky

April 10th, 2014

Hey stranger, long time no see! I recently did a big PC upgrade (new motherboard, cpu, case, cooler), hence the lack of updates as I’ve been trying to reload what I need. I decided to go with Winows 8 to accept and embrace the future. I like some things and dislike others. Either way Photoshop and Titanfall are running very smoothly and my temps are all below 50C so I’m happy! Here’s a crazy remix from bass maestro Culprate.

Addergebroed – Shadows (Culprate Remix) daftwho? MUST have


Downlink – Get Down (Rekoil Remix) daftwho? MUST have

J.Nitrous – Paper Chasin’

Downlink – The Chopper (Calvertron Remix)

Everybody Up In Here

March 24th, 2014

Big vocal edit remix from LA producer Party Favor off Bro Safari & UFO!‘s new Animals Remix LP.

Bro Safari & UFO! – Drama (Party Favor Remix) daftwho? MUST have


Breach – Jack (∆IDEN Trap Remix) daftwho? MUST have

W&W – Bigfoot (RUN DMTs Festival Death Remix)


March 22nd, 2014

Never Say Die Records just released their Black Label Vol.1 EP, which is an amazing release in my mind. NSD were smart enough to grab some extremely talented dubstep producers who haven’t been getting the large attention they should be. Including my favourite squishmaster Bukez Finezt. This collab with JAM PRD makes me wiggle. Worth the buy to grab the other tracks, which are just as funtastic.

Bukez Finezt & JAM PRD – LZRZ daftwho? MUST have

BUY Black Label Vol.1 HERE


Trampa – Gas Tank daftwho? MUST have

Requake & BadKlaat – Liquid Harddrive VIP

Bukez Finezt – Alien Cereal

AFK x Alex Sin – Cloud Kingdom daftwho? MUST have

Invictous & Topki – Stank

Moody Good

March 19th, 2014

After 16bit broke up, one of the members decided to start producing his own sounds. He is now Moody Good. Album out soon. SO EXCITE.


March 18th, 2014

Chilled out sweet sounds to let your mind drift. What else can you expect from Satin Jackets.

Satin Jackets – Olivia daftwho? MUST have


The Living Islands – Stars On the Sea (Blue Dub Version)


March 16th, 2014

Big drumstep sounds from big dog Skrillex. His new album is out and these first two tracks take my fancy.

Skrillex – Ragga Bomb daftwho? MUST have


Skrillex – F**k That daftwho? MUST have

Bukez Finezt – Gimme Gimme daftwho? MUST have

BloodThinnerz – Bloodstar

Cotti – Sedition

Supreme – Pull Up

Skinzmann – Greaze

NSD Vol. 54

March 13th, 2014

This mix is why Bukez Finezt is my favourite bass producer.

The Tickle

March 11th, 2014

If you’re an avid follower of the blog you’ll know I have a deep seeded fetish for Ditybird Records. Well they just released their Dirtybird BBQ compilation and it is just so juicy! This one from UK producers Cause & Affect is one of my favourites.

Cause & Affect – The Tickle daftwho? MUST have

BUY Dirtybird BBQ on Beatport


Shiba San – OKAY daftwho? MUST have

Caspa ft. Diane Charlemagne – Reach For The Sky (RS4 Remix)

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