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It’s Tetris

September 13th, 2018

SUB-human getting me excited for a track I thought I’d never want to hear again. What do you expect from the man formerly known as Trumpdisco?

Jump Up Franky Boi

September 7th, 2018

Here comes Franky Nuts delivering one hell of a tune. Such bouncy sound design and t h i c c bass synths.

Franky Nuts – Jump Up daftwho? MUST have


Lifecycle – Brain Thrilla daftwho? MUST have

Flexadon – Fuck Aliens

VIEW – Blots

Ganon – Accentus

BVSSIC – Proper Hopper

Flix & Motus – Clear Cut

We On A

March 26th, 2018

Ridiculous remix of New Level from lord of the bass synth Eprom.

A$AP FERG – New Level (Eprom Remix)


OLIVER – Bygones daftwho? MUST have

Virtual Riot – Show Up daftwho? MUST have

Spread This Jam The First

February 21st, 2018

Made a new housey mix to get your booty shaking.

Late Christmas Present

December 30th, 2017

A late christmas present for all you loyal followers. Enjoy some filthy bass music.

Squnto – Deth Bounce

Code: Pandorum – The Lurking Fear

Code: Pandorum & Hi I’m Ghost – Call for Help

Excision – The Paradox (Funtcase & Cookie Monsta Remix)

Virtual Self – Eon Break (blanke flip)

Misanthrop – The Lick

Excision – Death Wish (Megalodon Remix)

Gentlemens Club ft. Watson – New Presidents (Mastadon Remix)

Datsik – Scum (Monxx Remix)

Bassnectar & Digital Ethos – Slather

Rohaan & Roxas – Mimikats

D-Jahsta – Corpsegrinder

Phiso – Wasteland (Batikz Bootleg)

Distorted Mirror

December 2nd, 2017

There’s only a few producers out there that can make super distorted synths and create sound design gold. Kai Wachi is consistently one of them. Can’t help but groove along to this filth.

Excision & Dion Timmer – Mirror (Kai Wachi Remix) daftwho? MUST have



Dodge & Fuski – Comeback (Apache Remix)

UZ, Oski & Craze – Inferno


November 21st, 2017

Australian producer Your Ol’ Lady recently released his Fourmation EP and was kind enough to let me post one of my favourites off it, the titular track.

Your Ol’ Lady – Fourmation daftwho? MUST have

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Bukez Finezt back in Melbourne

November 14th, 2017

I’m proud to be working with Dark Riddims in bringing back Bukez Finezt to Melbourne. One of the most unique and talented bass music producers, his range from deep dark dub to wonky circus basslines are too good miss! Come get down to some real bass music on November 25th at RUBIX Warehouse.

BUY your presale tickets to Bukez Finezt in Melbourne NOW

Bukez Finezt in Melbourne – Facebook Event


November 12th, 2017

A lesson in distorted bass sound design from Oolacile & Code:Pandorum. True evil.

Oolacile X Code: Pandorum – Pity daftwho? MUST have


Ponicz – Droppin daftwho? MUST have

Datsik ft. Mayor Apeshit – Katana VIP

Figure ft. Dack Janiels – The Ritual

MONXX & Walter Wilde – The Wonky Song (Synoid Remix) daftwho? MUST have

KJ Sawka – The Time Has Come

Bump & Thump

September 27th, 2017

I’m heading to the USA for holiday in a couple of days. Going to be partying at the Dirtybird Campout and in my excitement recorded a mix with all my favourite quirky house and grooves from the past few years.

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